Getting Eclipse, Maven, and Git to play nice together

I've read a lot of how-to guides and tutorials online that quickly tell you how to do something, making it look easy. Sometimes when I ask »

How I built

This is the story of how I built The idea came to me when I was advocating for Git on my team at work »

The case for Git in 2015

This might be an exceptionally strange article for you to read. Perhaps you fully understand the enormous benefits that Git provides and perhaps your team (or »

Redundant host names on Nginx and Apache

Shortly after switching my site from Wordpress over to Ghost I was taking a look at Google Analytics and noticed this alert: Property http://www.netinstructions »

Charts are awesome

Have you ever watched Coda Hale's Metrics, Metrics Everywhere talk? A few choice graphs can show incredible insight into your entire application, touching on many areas »

Git and SVN together

Ever wonder if you can use git and svn to manage the same codebase? In this demonstration I check out a project from SVN, initialize a »

Please read the comments section

I've seen friends share articles with which they agree on Facebook including the caveat, "just don't read the comments section." I've learned there's even a don't »